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Bec Gray Bendigo Photographer, Specialising in Maternity Photography, Newborn Photography and Family Portraits


About Me

About Me

I am very lucky to have landed into this industry, but if you look back it began with my dad (he is a portrait artist and has been in the Archibald many times), and his need for photos of people for him to draw.

I used to walk the streets of Melbourne photographing people. Then after an unsuccessful attempt to get into my PHD, I decided to do a course in Photography “for something to do”.

Within the first month I had my first client Red Symons (celebrity) who was amazed at the photographs I produced of him and simply kept asking me to photograph him when he needed it, which in turn meant I started out quite busy!

My love and passion for Maternity and Newborn photography began when I was a teenager collecting Anne Geddes cards because I simply adored the colour and smiles those photos gave me. I now get alot of people saying now that my work reminds them of hers, and that is the biggest compliment in the world.

I love colour, I love the glow women exude when being pregnant, and most of all, I love creating.

I put every bit of energy into my sessions and hope you enjoy your time with me. I look forward to meeting you and your little family.